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Studio Policies and Registration Agreement


1) Payment for lessons will be made as agreed to in the previous registration section. All payments will be made in a timely fashion, or a service fee of $5.00/month may be levied on an unpaid account.

2) NO other payment arrangements will be made in lieu of this document unless they are made in writing and authorized by signature of K. Haginicolakis (owner of Very Vocal Studios).

3) There will be a twenty dollar fee for N.S.F cheques

4) This contract is valid for one full year from date of signing. You are obligated to give two weeks notice if you are not continuing lessons after taking an eight week introductory session. In the case of any other lesson purchases four weeks notice will be required to cancel this contract. Your notice must be given in writing to the office, and verbally to the instructor if canceling your contract before the expiry of one year.

5) Cancellation due to student illness will be accepted with NO less than two hours notice. Cancellation due to special events such as birthdays, sporting events, holidays etc…will be accepted with NO less than one weeks notice. In the event the student cancels the lesson with sufficient notice, a make up lesson will be provided at the earliest convenience of the instructor. Students will be allotted a maximum of two make up lessons per three month period. In the case of extenuating circumstances, such as chronic illness, extra make up lessons will be allotted at the discretion of the instructor. NO make up lessons will be given to those students canceling with no notice or insufficient notice. Cancellations due to inclement weather will be permitted at the discretion of the owner.

6) In the case of instructor illness, you will be contacted as promptly as possible, and make up lessons will be given with most consideration being given to the convenience of our clients. However, please note that no lessons may be given outside of studio hours (such as Sundays or Holidays). In some extenuating circumstances, such as severe illness, or other necessary prolonged absence, Very Vocal Studios reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher to ensure the continuity of student progress.

7) All clients must pay in full for each month that this contract is valid unless they have written authorization from K.Haginicolakis to receive a credit. You are required to either take your entitled make up lessons or forfeit those lessons if you choose not to take them.

8) There will be no make up lessons for individuals who are absent for group classes and workshops.

9) I acknowledge that the instructors will receive messages at the following phone number: 416-7067.

10) If not paying in person, cheque payments can be mailed to the following address:

51 Galveston Avenue

Sherwood Park, Alberta


11) Students arriving more than fifteen minutes late for their scheduled lesson will NOT receive a lesson. Students arriving late, but less than fifteen minutes will receive ONLY the remaining portion of their lesson slot.

12) If a student wishes to bring a guest to a lesson, they will only be permitted to have ONE guest at the lesson if they have received permission from their instructor.

13) Students, parents and their guests agree to assume financial and legal responsibility for any damage caused to the premises, equipment or other individuals due to their actions or negligence while attending Very Vocal Music Studios.

14) Parents who leave children unattended at Very Vocal Music Studios acknowledge that the owners, instructors, and other staff are not responsible for providing care for these children. I further acknowledge that the aforementioned will not be responsible for the well being of these clients beyond the reasonable expectations of building safety. If a student arrives more than ten minutes early for a lesson or must wait for a parent beyond the hours the studio is normally open, they may have to wait outside.

15) Students are required to bring their OWN lesson materials every lesson. Students may be required to purchase some materials at the discretion of their instructor. In cases where the instructor purchases materials for the student, payment will be made in full and promptly to that instructor.

16) All students/parents are responsible for any fees related to music festivals, talent shows and other performances. Such fees may include, but are not limited to: entry fees, accompanist fees, sheet music, and back ground music. These students and parents will also be solely responsible for the completion and expediting of any related entry forms.

17) In the case where necessary materials are available for use at the studio, students agree to treat the materials with care, and return them at the designated time.

18) I understand that Very Vocal Music Studios is operated in part of a residence and accept that building maintenance will meet the standard expectations of a private residence. I further agree to do my utmost to not infringe on the driveways, lawns or walkways belonging to other residences in the area.